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AVON Tips for AVON Representatives
As an AVON Representative, useful tips and ideas from other AVON representatives can be very valuable. Most of my success came from implementing many of my own ideas that are the same or closely match these tips and ideas shared by AVON Company, District Office and other reps.
I started my business on my own with little knowledge about selling AVON. Without a mentor or leader, I developed my own stratagies, some from scratch and a few through AVON. 3yrs later, After recruiting reps and leadership so many great tips appeared began surfacing online. These were the very things that I had been doing for the 1st 3years as a representative, along with new ideas and old ideas of mine that I thought were silly. This information assured me that I've been on the right path and to go ahead with my ideas since many have already thought of them and they worked wonders! 
Below you will find several great tips to help your AVON business succeed. Ways to find AVON customers, get new recruits, advertising and party ideas are just a few of the great AVON tips you will find below.

Purchase postcards from vistaprint or other company and mail them to your neighbors. Drop off a brochures when they requested it. Many Reps received good results from this.

Have a Party, BBQ or Girls Nite out at your home or other location, and Set Up an AVON table with Brochures, Samples, Demo (Fragrance Skincare, Acne Treatment, Eye Treatment, Spa Footworks), Prospecting DVD, Business Cards and Flyers. 

Below will soon be some Awesome AVON Selling Tips & Ideas.... + Link to Related Posts
Courtesy of AVON SUCCESS Marie and World Wide Web blogs, groups and articles..

AVON Tips for Getting New Customers

Tips For Getting More AVON Customers Can Be the Most Valuable Tips!

What is a business with out customers...nothing! You can't have a business with out selling and you can't sell with out customers. The more customers you have the more successful you will be. Even if you have 100 customers in your customer base, you should always continue to look for more. Over time you will lose a few, you will have some that don't order and then the occasional that you leave behind because they are more of a pain then a gain.

Here are several helpful resources full of tips for getting new AVON customers!

The Power of 3! We all know what it is but do we do it? Even if you can't do it every day, do it on the days you go to town, the days you go shopping or the days you have nothing else to do!

Tips to Get More AVON Customers

Tips and Ideas for Getting More Customers and Growing Your AVON Business

Advertise With Your Car!
Even if you share a car with your hubby, you can still advertise with AVON. Window decows, car magnets and bumper stickers work great for advertising your AVON business.

Vista Print is a good way to get car magnets. You just have to pay a few bucks shipping. They are kind of small and some people don't care for them but for a few bucks it's worth it. If you have a few extra dollars you can buy some great magnets on eBay. These are some high quality custom car magnets that look great!

Advertise With Yard Signs

AVON Yard Signs Are A Great Way to Advertise Your AVON Business!

Yard signs are great way to advertise your AVON business! Stick a few in your yard, on your road, at a busy intersection and at your family's house!

Vista Print, An AVON Reps Best Friend

Advertise with FREE Items from Vista Print

Vista Print is a great place to get free advertising products. You can find a few on their site but if you register (which is also free) you will receive emails for alot more free stuff!

Vista Print offers alot of free things that will help you with your business. What's the catch...yes everything comes with a catch. The catch is that you have to pay shipping and handling. That's fair so it's not really a catch. Shipping is usually $2-5 depending on what items you have ordered. Either way $5 for 500 professional business cards is a steal!
Some of the FREE items that Vista Print has to offer:

Business Cards........
Car Magnets
Calender Magnets
Sticky Notes
Ink Stamps
and tons more!

“If you work AVON like a business, your will receive the rewards of owning a business!”



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